The Felicity Fiasco & Other Stories of Ravnica

Guardian Project Research Log F E LIX Page 7

Session 7

Session 7

This log was (re)written in Common, Elvish, Goblin, Vedalken. Each language on a separate scroll, oddly each scroll has completely different handwriting styles.

Somebody set up us the bomb.

So nobody is going to give me a badge, we just ended up loitering around the lobby for a bit while the batshit crazy druid and her posse set up for the next phase of there attacking. I was sitting on my shield when I noticed some movement go by a window, most of the action has been at the lobby aside from that one escapade at the side door, so I went to investigate. I’m not getting killed doing something stupid so I popped the echo on the other side of the door, I counted to 10 and since he wasn’t dead yet I traded places with it. I took a look around and saw 6 men carrying a box down to a side door, there was some voices from above on the roof. It looks like they had some archers set up there. I told the group about the bomb and they decided the best course of action was to retrieve it. Kavek, B’eka, Azzinax and I went out along with this giant of a Minotaur that B’eka knows. We quickly dispatched the 6 guards and we grabbed, ran and tossed the box. After letting going of the box I immediately switched places with my echo.

The poor bastard went down in the explosion but so did B’eka and Azzinax. I stood over there bodies as another group of the druids posse came charging up to kill what was left of the smoldering bomb squad, Kavek ran up dressed like that batshit crazy druid and told me to play dead, he touched my shoulder in this weird pinching motion and I just collapsed. I think I sold it way better then the last time becouse the druid’s posse ran off with the fake druid/Kavek.

I got back up and tried to help my partners. They were healed and brought in by the guards. We went to shore up the door that was damaged that was in the armory, but we accidently found the druid. I sent a random guard to go get help and I stayed and watch the druid bang her head against a door she couldn’t open from the inside. Eventually help arrived and we went to engage her. She threw up a wall of fire and tried to run. I went threw the wall of fire, and then I remember getting hit by something cold. I went down and took a nap. When I woke up we were still fighting the druid, she was cut off by other guards and B’eka and the Captain lady was fighting with us. I got back up, poped my echo and kept fighting. Eventually the druid went down, but those dumbass Azorius took her alive. This druid threatened to eat people and caused an entire gang to attack a PRECINCT. You don’t keep her alive so they can attack it again?! This whole thing is a trap.

As we were escorted back towards our own cells (not to be locked up but a place to rest and recoup) we came across that pre-coag again. I don’t know if it was all the excitement but this man broke down and started screaming. He says Something in our possession -ill be the death of us all” and the captain told us to take artifact to Vasool, a Loxodon Sagittar of the Selesnya Conclave – only he would know how to destroy it.

Why cant we just get a sane, normal job?



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