The Felicity Fiasco & Other Stories of Ravnica

Guardian Project Research Log F E LIX Page 8

Session 8

Session 8

This log was (re)written in Common, Elvish, Goblin, Vedalken. Each language on a separate scroll, oddly each scroll has completely different handwriting styles along with what appears to be ale stains.

The way we see it it’s all for the greater good.

So it seems like I successfully murdered that druid wacko. I didn’t write it out the last time because I was still in custody for those trumped-up charges but on the way out the precinct, the weird angel with bound wings thanked me. The Night before when the druid was taken alive but unconscious and put back in her cell. We were locked back in ours but more of a guest then arrested until we could see the judge. I waited till the guards left (because they were gutted and had a ton of work to do) and I popped back out of the cell using my Echo. I then popped into the druid’s cell as she was still bound and unconscious, and I just plugged her nose and covered her mouth. It took forever but I had to ensure that she would stay dead outside of magic.

So yeah, that kinda happened. Nobody really asked me about it but the guards were talking about her dying at night. On the way out we were trying to decide what we would do. We sent a runner/messenger to both Ophelia from the house of pleasures pain or whatever, and one to Vasool of the locodon sagitator. Or whatever he’s from. The general suggestion is this box is a whole bunch of trouble, Vasool is said to be able to tell us how to destroy it, but Ophelia paid us to steal it back from whoever stole it from them. We’re hoping that they see how it is now, how useless and bad it is for there purposes and they are A.O.K with us destroying it for them.

On our way to meet we witnessed a bunch of Boros being attacked by a bunch of Gruul. Immediately B’eka ran in to help. I sent the Echo in to attack their berserker and I sat back with Glob who still had the box. It’s pretty convenient being able to push my weapon threw my echo to attack things while sitting back. It’s like getting involved without actually getting involved. We eventually dispatched the Gruul and carried on. The messenger came back from Vasool, who told us to pound sand. He’s interested in the artifact but wouldn’t come meet us, we decided to go see him before the meeting, let him talk to us and give him more information on the box and then make him go to the meeting to tell Ophelia. On the way there we passed by this Simic lady who was doing research, sprayed a bunch of wasps with this liquid thing that was supposed to increase pollination, instead it increased the size of the damned wasps. This time and its kinda funny, Be’ka just ran off, took a bunch of the innocents into the house. I popped my Echo in front of the Wasps to try to distract them, I ended up killing 4 of them because the stupid Researcher wouldn’t run away in time. Eventually, the other one was killed when the Azorius showed up. It seemed Glob didn’t want to leave because he wanted the spray bottle. I sprayed Kavek with it when he told us not to use it on anything. It had a one in 10 chance of working on the wasps, the chances of that side effect happening again were really small. But whatever.

We cant even go from point A to point B without getting attacked with this bloody box. Be’ka ran off and didn’t come back, I’m guessing she got all those people to safety and then lost us. Kavek and Glob went to talk to VASOOL and me and Azzinax stayed with the box at a tavern. Which is where I am right now writing this.

I miss B’eka, only because I’m probably going to get attacked in this Tavern because of that cursed box.


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