The Felicity Fiasco & Other Stories of Ravnica

Guardian Project Research Log F E LIX Page 9

Session 9

Session 9

This log was (re)written in Common, Elvish, Goblin, Vedalken. Each language on a separate book, oddly each book has completely different handwriting styles along with what appears to be scrolls cover in ale stains, sheets of toilet paper with writing on it, active case files that have non-related notes on the back.

I don’t agree with B’eka’s choice of friends.

B’eka came back with a bunch of friends that weren’t very nice. They demanded the box and Kazak threatened one of the mages and said he was going to die in the first 3 seconds of combat if he didn’t change course. This obviously didn’t go over well and with the advance warning the mage actually lasted almost 6 seconds, but we killed him really quick, then I killed his buddy. As we were fleeing and move away Three flying aberrations and there riders showed up, flying in from various parts of the city. There beasts cried out and it was a sound like that which I never heard before, it was like a ringing in my head that would get worse anytime I got close to one of the beasts or tried to move, I had such a bad case of the spins. I managed to work through the effect the beasts were having on me, and my Echo and I managed to kill one of the riders before taking on one of the beasts that then got blasted into oblivion. It looks like one of the Goblins likes messing with necromancy because it raised the dead beast mount back to life. It was bit messed up tho from the fight, so it moved much more slowly and couldn’t fly anymore. We looted some of the bodies but most of didn’t have anything outside of some daggers, but all 5 of them had these weird ear pieces. I put one on before we had a rest.

We took the promenade back to precinct four, its proximity to the red wastes means we ran into one of those stupid Gruul raids. A Lady lost a box in front of us and I killed two raiders. The Gruul ran off and we found out that Rauk-Chaw is a Gruul Holiday and they are raiding because of it and the huge party they plan on having. This lady named Dahlia wants us to reclaim her BOX that can apparently destroy a city block if it was mishandled or misguided. We were promised 200 gold pieces each if we recovered her box. I argued against taking our box into the red wastes to where the Gruul were to recover a second dangerous box that most likely would just blow up at the party anyways. The rest of the boys decided it was ok if we had a bag to put it in. so Dahlia offered us a bag of holding we could borrow to put our box and hers in to keep it all safe. I really really dislike this idea, but everyone more or less seems to be on board on collecting another dangerous box.

Know whats worse then the Gruul with one dangerous box? The Gruul with two. I’m glad were delivering them a second one.



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