Guildmaster of the Selesnya Conclave



Trostani is the guildmaster of the Selesnya Conclave on Ravnica, and speaker for Mat’Selesnya.

Trostani is a fusion of three dryads. Each of the three heads represents a Selesnyan value: Order, Life, and Harmony. The Trostani are not three separate beings, but three aspects of the same being, a single entity that moves according to the world spirit’s desires.


Before becoming Trostani, the three dryads had separate names and personalities:
Oba, the dryad of Life, was wild and full of life. Her hair was tangled with leaves and vines. Her eyes shifting with her moods, from green like flecks of emerald and jade to smoky brown.

Ses, the dryad of Order, was ordered in manner and speech. Her hair was held in place by a headpiece made of goldenwood, and fell to her shoulders in a cascade of auburn.

Cim, the dryad of Harmony, was the eldest and the bridge between the other two sisters. Despite being a small, slight dryad, everyone within the Selesnya Conclave could feel the power within her. She would always find a way to balance the needs of one with the other.

The Selesnya Conclave was in disarray because they gradually lost their connection to Mat’Selesnya, the World Tree. Three dryad sisters, Oba, Ses, and Cim, went into a deep trance to try and connect with Mat’Selesnya. During their trance, they were aided by Suniel who bound them to an old oak tree. Upon connecting with Mat’Selesnya, this old Parun fused the three dryads with the World Tree, creating Trostani.


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